Your soul is an ultimate weapon.

Human phobias have awoken in this dark roguelike shooter One by One! Collect powerful artifacts and descend into random dungeons full of monsters and huge boss fights. Use your soul — an ultimate weapon that uncovers enemy weaknesses

Note: This is a demo version of a game, and full game will be released in Spring 2022

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Windows build runs smoother than browser. Unpack the archive and run OneByOne.exe


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Today we released massive visual and content update! Read more:

The game has been updated! Good luck and have fun :) Don't forget to share your experience in the comments

I think You may have updated the game to a wrong version as it doesn't look like those new pictures You've published.

Hey! The game has not been updated yet. I'll let you know in a reply when it happens. That will happen very soon :)

Sadly, does not have beta mode, where you can change page but not release it.

The game has been updated! Have fun :)

It's a nice game. However, there is one thing I didn't like. On level 2-2 there are some rooms looking like an old 3D movie without 3D glasses. They're hard to look at.

Also, I have found two little bugs:

1. On level 2-2 again, I've found a medium-sized room with an empty space in the top right corner that is separated with a thin bush-line (looking the same as those which player can go through). However, when player walks near it, the character gets teleported a few steps backwards or to a parallel corridor under the place. Did not affect my gameplay anyway.

2. When the player switches any weapon in weapon hotbar using inventory, all weapons reload immediately. This might be considered as a feature but I'm not sure.

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Thank you for playing! And thanks for reporting bugs. Our little ghosts  have investigated the issue and will soon kill fix that nasty bug (1). 

As for reloading, this has to be a bug. Only the weapon that you are switching should be reloaded. There's a rule: only full-ammo weapon can be unequipped to avoid cheating

We'll reconsider the design of 2-2 "drought" rooms. Maybe we've gone a little too far with visual effects, so we may find some better alternatives. If you are wondering why some rooms has these effects, it means that the fire spreads extremely fast :)

Please, don't forget to follow/join Discord if you would like to see future releases. Every once in a season we're bringing something very new to the game.


Awesome game :)